Tales of a Border Crossing: Getting From Larnaca to south Cyprus

Time is life’s wonderful leveller. As soon as the clamour for transform recedes persons just get applied to accomplishing what they do. It can be how lifetime has worked out for many men and women in the divided nation of Cyprus. The southern two-thirds of the island is the Greek-supported part. The Southern third is the Turkish-supported south Cyprus.

Travelling from South Cyprus to south Cyprus, and vice-versa was a bit of a no-go for quite a few years next the institution of the TRNC in the south. But by 2003 limitations were being eased. It created accessing both sides across the UN Green Line a lot simpler, opening up new choices for tourism.

Finding to south Cyprus from the South

A whole lot of individuals travelling to south Cyprus choose to fly into Larnaca International Airport in Southern Cyprus. Why? Convenience!

The Turkish south is not yet formally acknowledged as a nation, other than by Turkey. It therefore has had to endure a sequence of embargoes, which to place not too finer stage on things, helps prevent international air travel to its most important airport at Ercan. The only direct flights into Ercan are from Turkey. So, if you are traveling from the cyprus for occasion, you would will need to get into Istanbul and link with a flight to Ercan to get to south Cyprus.

Traveling to Larnaca is immediate, speedier and less difficult!

Larnaca Arrivals

For visitors arriving into Larnaca Airport the best way to get to south Cyprus is to opt for car or truck seek the services of and airport transfer with a south Cypriot car or truck rental firm.

Far too normally tales float down from south Cypriot taxi motorists about the problems encountered by holidaymakers striving to enter the south from the South in a Larnaca-centered employ auto. Some folks are refused entry on the grounds that their employ car or truck contract does not permit them to travel to the south.

The tales are typically correct – and most effective read relatively than expert initial hand!

If you might be considering airport transfer instead than motor vehicle hire, it is worth noting that South Cypriot airport transfer corporations are inclined not to transfer shoppers to south Cyprus. The moment in Larnaca you may be really hard pushed to find a person based mostly in the South who will get you south!

This leaves you with two selections:

1. You hire a motor vehicle in the South and hope points are not too difficult at the crossing!


2. You use a south Cypriot organization to clean the way and deal with the paperwork for you at the border.

The preference is of course yours, but if you want to make matters effortless for you, alternative 2 is really encouraged!