Property in Cyprus in 2021

The coronavirus epidemic has wreaked havoc on a variety of global economic sectors. The viral impact on real estate sales in Cyprus has been felt as well, and we are currently seeing a significant reduction in demand. Something comparable was first discovered in March of 2013.

Let’s look at what this entails for those who want to buy a house or apartment on a small island republic’s property.

Since the 1990s, Cyprus has piqued the curiosity of foreigners, with many rich citizens seeking at the very least a temporary exclusive ‘cottage’ by the warm sea, if not ownership. The pattern has persisted to this day. On the island, a sizable non-Greek speaking diaspora has developed over the last 30 years (e.g., according to various estimates between 30 and 75 thousand Russians and a large British community). Some are seasonal tourists who need to renew their residence permits on a regular basis, while others are EU nationals who have been granted citizenship in the republic.

Cyprus is still a popular choice for individuals looking to invest in overseas real estate.

a few figures

The housing market on the islands is now in decline, with sales down fivefold from the same period last year. This happened only once previously in 2013, according to our records. Market trust was shattered after large-scale penalties were imposed on the accounts of the two most important local banks. By 2019, however, there was once again a strong level of demand in flats and homes.

The majority of analysts believe that demand for Cypriot real estate will rapidly recover to pre-crisis levels.

What are the advantages of living in Cyprus on a seasonal or permanent basis?

The air is really clean and fresh. There is no heavy industry or factories that produce smoke. There are few motor vehicles and the population density is minimal. The contrast with the ambiance of a normal metropolis is remarkable.

Climate change isn’t far behind. The sun shines practically all year, with snow falling only in the winter and only in the mountains (highest elevations). The summers are quite hot and dry. With all of the benefits of being surrounded by a warm sea, you may spend your days enjoying nature and admiring the scenery – the views are breathtaking.

Finally, Cypriots are a peaceful, courteous, and non-confrontational people. Such neighbors would be excellent if you are looking for peace and quiet.

Everything is also fairly straightforward when it comes to legal requirements. An extended (nearly limitless) residence permit can be obtained for right of residence. When you purchase real estate worth at least € 2,000,000, you can apply for Cypriot citizenship and a passport right away (simultaneously acquiring EU residency status).

We develop high-end residences and pride ourselves on combining our extensive expertise and understanding of architecture with a commitment to the industry’s strictest construction and safety standards. The end product is a high-end structure that meets all of the industry’s requirements. When you want to add a unique investment to your property portfolio, this is just what you need. We have never lost sight of what counts, from our humble beginnings to the national organization we are today. We’ve always prioritized quality and on-time delivery to ensure that the most crucial aspects are never missed.

Is it appropriate for everyone?

Is Cyprus the Promised Land, a place where everyone will feel at ease? Certainly not!

You can read the preceding part and assess what was written from a variety of perspectives. The prolonged heat will not be to everyone’s liking, and not everyone is fond of the sun. Neither if you like a snowy winter and the vast expanses of forests and meadows that are typical of your home country.

When it comes to expanse, it’s hard to think of Cyprus – to be exact, there aren’t any big “open areas” here. The island is relatively tiny (particularly because the republic does not inhabit the entire island), measuring just 100 kilometers by 240 kilometers. Even on such a little amount of property, there are opportunities to travel, enjoy the scenery, and simply rest. Cyprus, on the other hand, does not come close to competing with the majority of other countries in this respect.

There are several practical household problems to consider. Because regional heating is not provided, you will have to prepare for a cold winter by heating your own house. i.e., depending on the method you choose, pay for electricity/gas/oil. Furthermore, during the hot season, when temperatures might reach + 40 ° C in the shade, much more energy will be required for cooling. Air conditioners will have to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unfortunately, the power required for all of this is not inexpensive on the island.

Cyprus real estate

According to experts, immigrants take houses for personal and family usage in the great majority of situations. The option of buying and renting is significantly less frequent. Furthermore, secondary housing is given precedence because it is always easier and has less potential difficulties.

Villas, homes, apartments (flats), and townhouses are the most common types of residential real estate in Cyprus.

Out of the two primary alternatives, a home is the first choice.

Houses sometimes include a plot of land with a garden and a variety of leisure amenities, such as a swimming pool. It is regarded as a premium and luxurious choice. Prestige and comfort, on the other hand, come at a high price. It’s impossible to maintain such a home on your own. A minimum number of employees will be necessary, and their labor will have to be compensated. If you don’t take care of this, you’ll wind up with an overgrown garden, algae in the pool, and a dusty house. You’ll also need a security guard, especially if you’re not planning on living at the villa all year. Even while the crime rate in Cyprus is very low (which is a major plus), it is impractical to put your multimillion-dollar investment at risk in such low-risk settings.

The cost varies greatly. There are several very costly luxury homes where determining the upper cost is nearly impossible. On the other side, although still more expensive than an apartment, there are several reasonably priced budget houses. Even the most basic property will cost several thousand Euros each year to maintain.

Apartments are the runner-up option.

They are primarily sought after by individuals who want to spend the summer or a few months of the year on the island. They’re especially popular among families with youngsters.

Because of the reduced purchase price and low maintenance expenses, this alternative is appealing (many times less than the cheapest villa). Aside from the minimal maintenance requirements, it is extremely simple to keep the property empty for several months.

There are, of course, top choices. A 37-story tower with 84 flats is being developed in Limassol. Due to the city’s location opposite the ocean and the vast regions with all facilities, they will undoubtedly be costly. You’d also enjoy the distinction of residing in the island’s highest structure.

Purchasing an apartment may be a difficult process due to the high demand for flats. Finding an appropriate choice straight immediately might be quite challenging. The location is really significant. Being in close proximity to people who came to work from Eastern Europe, for example, is not ideal. Such issues must be clarified right away.

In terms of both conditions and pricing, townhouses are the “golden mean.”

They’re tiny structures with a few flats and entrances on each side. They are often located distant from the main infrastructure, and the more removed they are, the less expensive they get. A personal automobile is necessary for a comfortable stay in a townhouse.


There is a broad variety of prices. This is fantastic news for potential buyers since it means they may choose a home that fits their budget. Let’s go through some of the most frequent features and particular instances so you know what to anticipate for your money.

The bigger cities of Limassol and Nicosia have the highest price tags. Paphos and Larnaca are covered by the level below. Only housing constructed in complete accordance with the building norms and specifications required for development in a seismically active zone is being discussed. As a result, considerable caution should be exercised when considering abnormally low bids, as there is a good chance that something is amiss with the property.

Offers include the following:

From €100,000 for a one-bedroom flat in Limassol.

Limassol 2 bedroom apartment from €150,000

From €250,000 for a three-bedroom property in Limassol.

Apartments in Paphos start around €70,000.

From €350, 000 for a detached property in Nicosia. a maximum of €550,000 minimum

From €300,000 for a separate property in Limassol. a total of €400,000 minimum

From €260,000 to €300,000 for a detached property in Larnaca. minimum

From €250, 000 for a townhouse in Nicosia or Limassol.

From €195,000 for a townhouse in Paphos or Larnaca.

Foreigners’ housing demand in Cyprus is increasing.

There has been a substantial increase in the number of foreigners interested in purchasing property on the island in the previous 2-3 years. A growing number of requests are being received, particularly for new structures in urban regions priced between 1 and 5 million Euros.

The following are some of the reasons behind this situation:

The real estate tax was repealed in 2017.

The investment requirement for acquiring citizenship was decreased by 20% in 2016, from 2.5 million to 2 million Euros.

Property owners have been able to make citizenship easier for their children, spouses, and parents.

Cypriot property owners have reaped significant tax savings (taxes are no longer levied on interest from deposits, rent and dividends).


Above we depicted the principle parts of purchasing land. Anyway it isn’t important to right away “attack the issue in earnest”. On the off chance that you simply need to attempt the possibility of transitory, intermittent or perpetual home on the island you can go into a tenant contract. This is a much lower spending choice that permits you to become accustomed to the new real factors and, simultaneously, you can likewise dependably assess your visit in various sorts of lodging.

Remember that leasing a house or loft in Limassol will be considerably more costly than in some other territory. As the business focus of the country it requires numerous expert laborers who need convenience. Subsequently there is in a popularity for investment properties and correspondingly high leases.

Lease is getting more costly step by step, particularly for lofts. Minimal studios and 4-room choices are in most noteworthy interest.

In light of 2018 costs for leasing a little condo in Limassol the expense is €600–€800 (this is around 20-30% a bigger number of costly than in different districts). Nonetheless, for a preliminary stay enduring a couple of months this isn’t so critical.

Cyprus Citizenship

We have effectively referenced that for specific interests in Cyprus land you can get citizenship of the country. At the point when we are discussing land the base edge is 2 million Euros. In the wake of making such a buy you can rapidly get a visa for the republic.

There is an elective choice to put essentially 2.5 million in offers or government bonds. Nonetheless, this way turns out to be increasingly more risky over the long run. There are extra prerequisites for explicit commitments, singular checks and the need to have a visa or home grant a half year prior to presenting an application for citizenship.

Overall it is land that is the least expensive course to acquiring a visa as a Cyprus resident and, simultaneously, the situation with an inhabitant of the European Union. Beforehand the base limit was 5 million however over the long run it has been brought down.

Such projects are not restricted to Cyprus. For instance in Malta an identification can likewise be acquired, under the Citizenship for Investment program, for a commitment of € 250,000 and a 5-year lodging tenant contract (or buy).

Examiners record a consistent expansion in the quantity of outsiders who gain European citizenship thusly.

Venture way to citizenship

The chance of gaining Cypriot citizenship and EU occupant status through monetary venture has just gotten so appealing lately. Only a couple years prior, such a “buy” required at least 5 million Euros – multiple times more than today.

By and large, there are not many nations on the planet that offer such a technique for acquiring an identification – just 10.

Nonetheless, since 2019, there has been some complexity in this method. All the more accurately there is a more rigid guideline of ventures. Presently it is important to make commitments to various explicit associations:

Exploration and Innovation Foundation

Cyprus Land Development Organization.

There are more requests and straightforwardly to the financial backers:

Singular checks

The prerequisite to have a home grant or a Schengen visa something like a half year prior to applying for citizenship

Programmed refusal for those candidates who have been denied citizenship by other EU country

“Citizenship through speculations” is the most ideal way for the individuals who need to get the desired travel papers for themselves and friends and family yet are not prepared or don’t plan to forever live in Cyprus.

Deals insights

In 2018–2019, there was a consistent vertical pattern in the quantity of exchanges for costly land (valued from € 1 million). In 2018 alone more than 100 exchanges of 2 million or more were recorded (this incorporates both costly lodging choices and “bundle” acquisition of a few items on the double).

The absolute volume of houses and lofts sold added up to more than 3,000. 33% of the exchanges were made by Europeans and the rest by third-country nationals.

A fascinating truth is that every one of the costly buys (more than €1 million) were made simply by those in the subsequent class.

The most famous city as far as land for outsiders was Paphos – practically 80% of complete deals.

In runner up is Larnaca with roughly half. what’s more, in Limassol, this figure was 36%.

Nonetheless, in the event that we assess the classification of extravagance lodging, Limassol is as of now fundamentally surpassing both Paphos and Larnaca by practically 10% (3.3 and 2.9 individually). This pattern is straightforwardly connected with the cost.

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