In Dublin, professional house extension services are available

With a panel of skilled extension builders, Sami Construction is the premier home extension provider. Our teams have a vision as well as the necessary expertise to make it a reality. We deal with rooms of all sizes to ensure that the entire space is utilized to its full potential.

Homeowners in North Dublin might benefit from building businesses by adding more room to their existing property. The team at Sami Construction provides a home extension service by bridging the gap between the old and new construction phases.

A house extension can include the installation of a new level or the integration of a bedroom, office, kitchen, or loft. The project is determined by the structure of your home as well as the amount of money you have set aside for it.

House Extensions Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

In Dublin, our specialists are equipped to handle a wide range of extensions. You can engage us for the following types of house extensions by contacting our customer service experts.

Extensions of only one storey in Dublin

Every client receives a personalized service from Sami Construction. Our workers build one or more rooms on the perimeter of the home with our single-story extension. This form of extension adds square footage to the house while also improving the flow. The existing floor plan is upgraded but not completely changed in this scenario. The utility of the area is improved by our single-story extensions.

Extensions to the Second Storey

The use of sideways extensions is restricted in several Dublin homes. In such circumstances, the SamiConstruction team offers a full second-storey extension service, which includes the building of a second floor to the house. Our professionals secure the necessary permits and approvals to ensure that you have the space you require in your house.

Extensions with two storeys

You have the option of modifying the floor plan of your home in a double or multi-storey extension. With this project, you can work with our teams to build rooms, increase the size of existing rooms, add an ensuite, a kitchen, and more. The professionals at Sami Construction get authorization and approval from the relevant authorities in the same way that they do for all other sorts of extensions. Our professionals ensure that all newly developed areas of the home mix effortlessly with the older structures, in addition to meeting your needs.

Why should you choose us?

We take pleasure in offering excellent service at Sami Construction. Our specialists will build a plan that is suited to your every demand, whether you hire us for loft or kitchen extensions in Dublin.

We ensure that quality, function, and design are all taken into account while designing a space. Our construction practices include the use of luxury materials in addition to high-quality tools, ensuring the home’s long-term durability.

Contact our knowledgeable customer service professionals to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation.

Our team of professionals is ready to get started on your project. We create unique plans for each customer because we recognize that each client and their house are unique. We make every effort to deliver the most exclusive experience possible! With the top house extension company in the United Kingdom, you may customize your home to fit your personality and demands. Get in touch with us right away!